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Irrigation Design

One of the main components of a luxurious landscape is the irrigation system.

The irrigation system should be something that is utilized in times of dryier than ideal plant growing conditions, watering in fertilizer, keeping soil moist during times for seed germination such as seeding a lawn, and keeping newly laid sod moist until root growth gets established (usually one to two weeks). A properly used irrigation system should serve as an aid to plant survival and developement. An overly used system causes the plant to become overly dependant on the system resulting in shallow root development. From an economic standpoint, and over used system results in higher water bills.

Hugh Cliett Designs uses Rainbird and Hunter components on all systems we install. Rainbird is a great maker of irrigation components and has been in business for many years. Hunter is fast becoming if not already one of the best irrigation innovators. All systems that we install come with electronic clocks, rain shut-off devices, and backflow preventers. Remote controls and insulator covers for backflow preventers are optional accessories available to the customer. All of our systems come with guarantees.

When deciding to start your landscape project don't overlook one of the main lifelines crucial to plant survival and vigor - the irrigation system.

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