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Irrigation Installation

The Design Fee covers the cost of the time, effort, and ideas involved with producing a plan in which a bid or estimate for installation can be produced.

An above ground removable backflow preventer is installed so that it can be removed for the winter season. (insulated cover-optional)

Pipes are placed at proper depth to prevent freezing during winter season.
Wire is placed in bottom of trench under pipes to prevent damage to wiring with a shovel after installation is complete.

At valve, wire is coiled so as to prevent or lessen solenoid damage if a power surge or lightning is to occur.

When pipe and wire makes a 90 degree turn a sufficient amount of wire is coiled so as to prevent damage to connections as earth movement occurs. Water proof connecters are used to make in ground wire connections.

When heads are placed along side above ground structures such as houses or buildings, heads are installed one foot out from such structures.

Spray heads and gear drive rotors are always on separate zones. Spray heads and gear drive rotors are installed with matched precipitation rate nozzles so as to allow for even water amounts over given area.

Rain shut-off devices are installed on all systems.
Systems come with automatic controllers. (Remote control-optional)

Systems are installed using Rainbird and Hunter components.

When feasible, grass areas and shrub areas are on separate zones.
Heads are placed so as to have a minimal amount of overspray on sidewalks and driveways.

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